How to Build Early Reading Foundation for your Child

It is really fun and exciting to find your child read with ease. However, this doesn’t happen by magic.  Early good practices improve learning and cultivate a foundation for future reading.  Allow activities that foster reading to be delightful so your child keeps up. When your child shows interest, learning is taking place.

Mother reading to children

1. Show interest in your Child’s reading activity: Always find time to read every day to your child. Reading daily with your child for a short time as 20 minutes can go a long way. A tutor can also help achieve this. It helps your little toddler find reading as fun at an early stage.

2. Create a conducive reading environment:  A relaxed atmosphere will foster an excellent ready-to-read attitude and help remove agitation.

3. Get reading kit materials: These materials can help your young child read with ease from an early age.

4. Use of sounds:   Write a word containing three different sounds and read together. Ask them to identify the word with its sound. The use of sound helps a child to identity that sound when heard in another word.

5. Use Rhymes and Rhythm: The best way to teach a child is to make it fun. Use of songs and nursery rhyme helps a child hear sound and syllable in words. This helps them read better.  

Learning to read does not just happen all of a sudden.  If your child must be a good reader, it starts from how you use the activities above to make it work.

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