Schools are Close to Curb the Spread of Corona Virus, Now What?

According to UNESCO, over 500 million children were stopped from attending school because of the outbreak of COVID-19. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted Education, all schools are shut down. To us at Edupoint, education may be disrupted but it doesn’t mean our kids have to lose out. Since many schools are closed without a clear timeline to re-open both parents and educator are asking the question: what will happen to my children’s academic life?

To answer your question click on this link to find out 3 ways to improve your children’s academic performance during the pandemic.

At Edupoint, learning continues on a peer-to-peer basis within the stipulation of the government.

Online resources
There are so many online resources that will help your kids. Such as EduPoint online videos, a site with hundreds of videos and online tutorials that will help your kids of k-12 students across different subjects. These are readily accessible and free lessons for your kids. You can sign up on

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Be cautious
Be cautious of the time your children spend online as it can disrupt their learning process when schools reopen. We believe that this idea might not work out especially for parents that work from home that needs to focus on their work and at the same time want their kids to maintain their school routine and keep learning. Edupoint has made things easier, learning continues on a peer-to-peer basis within the stipulation of the government.

Create a consistent schedule with Edupoint for your children
So many questions have been running in the mind of the parents on how to fill the time created by the virus and how to improve and maintain their children’s academic performance especially when schools are closed without a timeline. Fortunately, Edupoint provides peer-to-peer lesson that can be done in your house. You can always contact Edupoint to hire a tutor

Do not PANIC
Do not panic either you are concerned about the spread of the virus or for the facts that your children are staying home from school for an indefinite period of time. It is essential to remain calm because at Edupoint learning still continues on a peer-to-peer basis within the stipulation of government. We have equipped our tutors with relevant personal protective equipment such as pocket-size hand sanitizer, gloves, nose masks and also we run constant checkups on our Tutors.

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