Here’s how Technology can improve the performance of students.

As technology continues to play an important role in different industries, education has also seen a rise in the use of technology. Technology has begun to change the way education is being provided. There have been technological impact in the way teachers teach, students learn and schools are run.

This interrelationship between education and technology is what has given rise to the field of Educational Technology. Educational Technology also sometimes called Edutech, Edtech amongst other variations in the field of study that investigates the process of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the instructional environment and learning materials to improve teaching and learning. (

Educational Technology has now become a feature in schools, colleges, and universities.

The goal of education is to pass and increase knowledge and as such the impact of educational technology cannot be fully understood until we take a look at its impact on the improvement of academic performances of students. So, that brings us to the question of how technology can improve the academic performances of students?

How can Technology improve the academic performances of students?

  1. Access to learning and educational resources: The use of learning management systems (LMS) as obtained in the library feature of educational management tools like Edubase, provides students with access to online educational resources at their convenience. The recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has seen schools adopt an online teaching system to curtail the massive impact the virus has had on student’s learning and this shows that educational technology has come to stay. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which are online courses that offer unlimited participation and open access via the web has greatly increased access to quality education.
  • Assessment: Teachers can now effectively access student performance by using student performance analytics tools as obtained in Edubase. This analytics tool provides not just teachers but also parents and guardians the ability to track students’ performance and progress using certain metrics. The data gotten from this analysis can help teachers come up with plans that can help improve student performance and progress.
  • Communication: Education is all about communication and it cannot be successful without effective communication between the parties involved. Educational technology has improved communication between students and teachers with teachers been able to communicate to students faster and easier.
  • Research: Students can now easily access information needed to carry out assignments. With the Edubase online library, students have the needed information at their fingertips. It also acts as a teaching aid to teachers as teachers can access much-needed textbooks and other materials to help in preparing lesson notes and plans.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring of students by parents and teachers especially in early learning classes in doing their assignments has also helped improve students’ academic performance. Parents can check their wards academic exercises and ensure that they are done by the students; thereby ensuring that students get to do their assignments and gain a better understanding of a topic or subject.
  • Management of Teachers: Teachers can be better monitored and accessed by the school management and their performance better accessed and evaluated.
  • Testing: Students can easily test their knowledge using educational quiz platforms and access their progress and performance. This ensures that students are better prepared to take examinations and also know which areas they need to improve on.
  • Collaboration: Educational technology tools can better help students work together seamlessly. This goes a long way in improving their people’s skills and leadership skills.

As educational technology continues to evolve and improve the way education is accessed, students stand to gain the most as this will help improve their academic performances and ensure they get a quality education. Certain educational tools like Edubase have become imperative to improve the way learning occurs.

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