It is no longer News that Coronavirus cases (COVID-19) keep increasing in Nigeria every day.

To be free from this we all have to follow the laid down rules and guidelines. But  as school managers, our main goal this period is to ensure that this does not affect our business. Though the government gave a directive that all schools should be shut down for students to stay at home just to avoid the pandemic spread of this deadly disease and at the same time, they came up with an idea of teaching students some subjects on TV and  Radio but do we all think this is feasible in the century that we are in?.

The education sector is becoming more competitive every day but only those that apply technology to their business tend to get to the top of the table. Education is beyond someone impacting on students with just book and pen. Why don’t we venture into an alternative that eliminates  money and time loss on paper work in school and also reduce inefficiencies in the academic community.

With EDUBASE, you can easily carry out your day to day school activities from management to staff to teacher and parent by working remotely from your home, and with this, we can all abide with the first safety precaution of this deadly disease – Staying at Home.

I know you are eager to know some of the benefits of this software.

Well, the four key human components (management, staff, students and parents) that make up a school are entitled to different benefits.

But generally, it allows:-

  • Student-teacher online interaction in such a way that teachers can carry out their duties online by uploading and explaining the topic of the day, accompanied with an assignment and result checking portal.
  • Student also have an access to over 400videos on various subjects including STEM.
  • Other keynote benefits are Online school fees payment
  • Students daily attendance tracking.
  • Student performance tracking
  • E-library,
  • Effective means of communication to parents via means of SMS or email
  • End-to-end student homework and project management e.t.c.

Why don’t you try this out today and make learning available beyond school walls for your student. Together we can all prevent this pandemic disease.

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