When my son was 8 years old, I noticed he didn’t like going to school anymore because his friends made fun of him. He had major difficulty grasping whatever was being taught but his teachers. 

At first, I was so concerned that I felt he was dyslexic or had ADHD. But that wasn’t the case. I thought it wise to have a heart-to-heart conversation with my son. Here’s what I discovered:

  1. His teachers taught them the textbook way. (It was either that or nothing).
  2. Learning wasn’t as exciting for him because he lost focus very quickly. (Largely due to the teaching methods). 
  3. He lost confidence whenever he didn’t get some sums right. 
  4. He had become a ghost of his former bubbly self because he felt his best wasn’t good enough. 

I pondered on this shocking discovery for days and nights trying to find a solution. I was gradually losing my child because he became very withdrawn. 

Not until I stumbled on these Secrets!!!

All I had to do was monitor my child’s progress weekly after implementing and you would not believe that the same child who never did well in class, will be leaving for HAVARD UNIVERSITY USA to study engineering on a FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIP later this year. 

I want you to have these Secrets as well because I know there are struggling parents like myself who are battling the same issue. 

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Parenting, when done right… will make a great, strong, and prosperous nation.

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