In the final lead-up to exams, your child’s teachers will be focusing on revision and exam techniques. The day-to-day pressure builds even more on teens as exams start too. We know that flashcards, mind maps, and a study timetable are all useful for organization, but there are some more revision techniques that can help unlock your teen’s study potential…

With everything they need to remember, some alternative studying techniques might just be your teen’s secret weapons for success. Here are our top five secret study tips so they can ace it when exam day finally comes.

  1. Meditation
  2. Time with pets
  3. Fun-time
  4. Walking
  5. Power naps

1. Try meditation

It’s an ancient practice, and more recently it’s been proven to boost concentration, improve mood and reduce anxiety. By slowing their breathing and placing all attention on their in and out breaths, meditation can help your child make anxious thoughts quiet down. They’ll feel energized and more able to tackle the academic challenges they’re facing.

Many people like to meditate first thing in the morning before studying, and it can also be effective mid-morning, mid-afternoon or before bed – whenever you like! To give it a go, you can see if there are any meditation classes near you. Alternatively, there are lots of online meditation resources such as the app Calm, and if you search “guided meditation” or “meditation for teens” on Youtube there are lots of great options there too.

2. Quality time with your Pet

If you’ve got a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or guinea pig, direct them to your child’s lap. If you haven’t got a pet, see if you can borrow someone else’s. This isn’t just because we think animals are great (we do), but stroking and playing with pets has been proven to calm anxiety and make people happier. Studies have even shown that just listening to a cat’s purring actually reduces blood pressure! Your furry friend will be very pleased too.

3. Have some fun

While it’s important to get the hours in with revision in the lead-up to exams, it’s just as helpful for your child to give themselves some regular time off. Instead of cramming for 13 hours a day, if their studies are effectively planned then the relaxation that some time off gives them will make them better at remembering what they’ve revised. It’s a double-win too, as it also helps them to absorb new information when they next sit down to work.

Whether it’s going to the park with friends one afternoon, or just taking an hour off to watch TV, some regular downtime as a reward for revision will keep them in good spirits. As long as they’ve got a clear study plan too of course!

4. Go for walks

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t the best for revision. While it’s where all your teen’s important work will get done, staying active is really helpful for their concentration, energy, and mood. Taking regular walks throughout the day (after lunch and late afternoon are good times) is an easy and relaxing way to get away from the books. It’s been shown to reduce anxiety, and it’s even been proven that walking boosts a student’s memory, both for information that they’ve just learned and for what they next try to absorb.

5. Take power-naps

Although sleeping in the day may not look like studying, a 10 to 20-minute nap has been proven to help absorb knowledge just learned, and prepare the brain for further learning too. The extra energy boost it gives will also help with your child’s concentration when they get back to their desk.

As well as these top tips, our tutors are all experts in academic success, and they love to implant their own advice and knowledge onto teens. An online tutor can coach your child through their exam worries week-by-week so they can achieve their potential on exam days. 80% of our students even said that lessons made them feel more confident.

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