When it comes to training our kids we need to let go of:

  • Being organized – of course, we don’t have to live in complete disarray, but some of the standards of order may have to lag a little as your children learn.
  • Doing things quickly, in a short time frame – it takes time to master a skill, and if our children are learning we need to give them time to learn and practice.  Impatience will kill any confidence or even desire to learn.

Now, When you teach your children a life skill there is a four-step process:

  1. You model how to do something – they learn faster from seeing you do it
  2. You instruct with patience – giving the guidance and the reasons behind our instructions
  3. You let them practice at their pace – with you standing beside them cheering, guiding, and correcting
  4. You et them do it on their own – stepping right aside – so they bear the consequences and rewards

The ultimate goal in training your kids in any life skill is that they will be able to do it on their own, without us being around

The question we have to ask ourselves is: Am I prepared for it to get messy and take longer – for the sake of my child learning?

  • Even if I can see ahead of time that it won’t work?
  • Even if I can see a long list of repercussions?
  • Even if we can see that it will take longer?
  • Hope you find this helpful?

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