The academic performances of students are dwindling every day. The performance of every child depends on the activity of some key persons including himself/herself. The home is the first form of contact for any child. If it goes wrong in the home, chances are that the performance of your child will drop.

Oftentimes, academic failure is a result of some lack of provision of key elements. One key solution to this problem is building relationships and rapport with your child.

Key 1: Be your child’s friend: Friendship allows for active knowledge of what your child needs. Be kind to know if your Child’s health is intact. Know if he/she has been well fed. Care about the nitty-gritty of your child’s welfare. This basic step will help your child be receptive to you at all times.

Key 2: Praise and Encouragement: A relationship is sustained when a child is constantly encouraged to be the best. This revolves around applauding where your child is very good and observing his pain area. Find out how to help out in order to build interest and perform better.

Key 3: Constantly communicate: The live stream of any relationship is communication. Allow your child to update you on the activities in the classroom. Let your child see your interest. Check out his/her assignment, open notes, and textbook. Take out time to engage your child on the topics taught. Use practical examples to relate those topics with him/her.

Key 4: Be concerned: Results have shown that there are external factors affecting children’s performance. Be concerned to know what external issues might have an effect on their mood. In the bid to find why your child performs poorly in the classroom, an appropriate report has to be established. It is always absolutely crucial to take the time to make the child feel relaxed and at ease with you. Every parent should be his/her child’s first-hand potential friend. That way, the classroom experience will yield a better result. Have you got any other ways to bring the best out of your child or experiences to share? Kindly comment below.

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