I can’t believe they laughed at this poor woman when they heard this story. Oh well, I’m not surprised! 

I know you’re a little confused as regards what I’m talking about. Let me take you back to the very beginning. 

My aunt got married 15 years ago, to the love of her life. It was a really grand wedding, dignitaries were in attendance, some popular afrobeat artists whose songs were getting massive airplay graced the occasion.

She was very happy and it was indeed the talk of my entire village for years. She moved with her husband to Abuja and we seldom heard from her, except when she called to check on us or tell us she just had a baby. 

Fast forward 14 years later, all hell broke loose that fateful Friday evening….

My father was outside, enjoying the cool evening breeze when his phone rang, he picked it up expecting to hear my aunt’s excited voice as usual. 

But she was crying hysterically!!! My Dad sat up in his chair and beckoned my mom to come. 

My aunt narrated everything that happened to my mom and immediately, she started screaming!!!

Her husband (my aunt’s spouse) had run a DNA test on her three children and found out two weren’t his biological offspring. 

He had kicked her out of the house, taken custody of the child whose results came in positive and asked her to get ready for a dirty divorce battle.

My aunt swore she had never cheated on him since they got married, and asked my parents to come over to Abuja and plead with him to create room for dialogue so things could be settled amicably.

My parents did exactly that but he remained adamant, threatening fire and brimstone. My aunt was shattered. 

Not until two weeks later when they got a call from the hospital where the test was run. 

Alas, the lab assistant had switched the samples and misspelled the names. 

They asked them to come in for another test. And you wouldn’t believe it came out positive!!! All three children!!! 

Who knows how many marriages have been shattered because someone isn’t well-read but on paper is “qualified” for a job, decided something as minute as a misspelled word could change people’s lives overnight.

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